Buying Clothes

If you live in NorCal, then you know Gottchalks is going out of business. I went there to buy a few rugs (which I did at ridiculously reduced prices), but I also tried out a few of their dress shirts. None of them fit. Not a one. They had racks and racks of shirts with large enough collars, but none that were the right sleeve length. They all stopped at 34/35, but I’m a 35/36 at my shortest. I made a promise to myself not long ago to only wear clothes that fit. No more rolling up sleeps, no more saying “eh, it’s only a little too short” and feeling like I’m wearing rented clothing. No! No more!

For the uninitiated, let me clue you in on the main issues that many of us giants deal with when we go shopping:

#1: If we find something that fits and is cheap, we buy it.

It’s how I purchased shoes till I was 28.

Why? Because clothing giants is expensive. Especially with shoes. It’s impossible to find a pair of shoes actually AT a shoe store that is any larger than 13, and 13’s are iffy at best. (I wear a 14, typically FYI). My last pair of shoes were New Balances and cost around $140.

#2: Tall does not = fat.

We usually have to wear clothes that are too big around the waist for us (if you are tall and thing, like me) and it looks like we are wearing our older brothers clothes. XXL = for the super fat. And LT (Large tall), is for the super giants. And nothing against them, even I get intimidated by them. But honestly, all I need is maybe 1 and a half inches to a tall shirt, not 5″.

Also, finding jeans is impossible because apparently you can’t have a normal waist and long legs. If you were to roll my waist out I’d be a perect square. 36″w x 36″ L.


These are just a few of my issues. And if there is one thing I’ve learned, find all the places where sizes run just a big bigger. My suggestion: Old Navy.

Do you have any?


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