Dating While Tall

Most people think it’s terribly easy to date when you’re tall… and they’re right. I love how tall I am when it comes to the ladies. For whatever reason girls like us tall. And why not? We’re easy to spot on the dance floor and you can climb us to get something off a high shelf; both bonus’s for the ladies.

But what many don’t realize is that it is actually quite difficult, atleast in my experience, for what I like to call “vertically endowed dating”.

“What’s that?”, you ask? In short, it’s when two tall people, (6’2″ and up for men, 5’10” and up for women) try to date people of matching heights or greater. It’s honestly, kind of weird. Most of us giants tend to walk around being the tallest person in the room, so when we meet a person of comparable height it throws us off a bit. “I’m supposed to be the tallest one here. Who the hell is that guy/girl?”

And the taller one gets, the more weirded out we get. The odds of being the tallest increases, which increases the level of weirdness when we meet people of the same height. So when it comes to dating, I think that’s why a lot of tall guys are more inclined to date women that are nowhere near 5’10” tall.

Me, on the other hand? I’ve learned the power of the tall lady. While I’m still working my way up to dating women over 6’0″, I’ve learned the awesome power of the tall women. No more bending over to hear what my date said. No more bending over or picking up for a kiss. And we look like we fit together physically better. 🙂

I found one ok site for dating specifically tall people, but honestly, it doesn’t even list height. It just says “Height: Tall”, whatever that means. If you’re Asian, tall could mean 5’8″. Check it out at your own peril.

Share your thoughts about tall dating in the comment section and help a brotha out!

1 thought on “Dating While Tall

  1. I'm a 6'0 woman and the only thing I used to look for while dating was a tall man. And my tall ex's liked that I was of their size for all the reasons you listed. The right guy for me, however, is 5'8. We look freaking awkward physically as a couple but we are the perfect fit as far as our personalities go. So after only going out with tall guys for my whole short dating career, the first short guy won out. I hope you make some tall girl happy, I know for a tall girl it's very hard to find a taller mate.

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