First Post

So I’ve been thinking for a while “Should I make a blog and if so what should it be about? I’m an interesting guy! I should have something I should be able to share with the world!”

Well, world, here it is: the world is too small. I am 6’7″, which is exactly the right height to be viewed as a giant by the rest of the world, yet, is surprisingly on the short end of giant people. I also post Youtube videos on occasion and in one of my videos that I posted 2 years ago I talk about how tall I am. I’ve had some great responses to that from some of you true giant among men and I thought, “Hey, that’s something I can write about and my mother won’t be ashamed to tell her friends about!”

And here it is kids, the: Giant Among Men blog. I’ll cover musings about being tall, things I discover along the way, suggestions about how to handle certain situations and anything else that pops into my head.

And if you’ve read this, thanks! Let’s hope your the first among many!


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