Giant Hollywood

Maybe you didn’t know this, but most TV and movies are populated with smaller actors, Tom Cruise being the most notorious (5’7″). The average height in Hollywood is pretty small, so if you’re 6′-0″ or taller you’d be considered huge. No one wants a ton of actors standing around making Syllvester Stallone look small (He’s 5′-10″). So the taller you get, the more you’ll be cast as a body guard or the comic relief.

But what you may not have realized is that there are those rare programs that higher the giant actors to be something other than the guy that carries the bags. Jeff Goldblum of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent is 6′-4.5”. Nicole Kidman is 5’10” (That one was news to me. John Cusak is 6′-2.5″, which is a bit of shock to me cause I always thought he was maybe 5′-11″ at max.

The most astounding thing that I have found in my travels though is that the almost the entire cast of “How I Met Your Mother” is populated with giants. Here’s the breakdown:

Josh Radnor (Ted) is 6’0″
Jason Segal (Marhsal) is 6’4″
Cobie Smulders (Robin) is 5’10”
Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) is 6’1″

The only short person on the show is 5’4″ tall and she must wear atleast 3″ heels cause she only looks a little big shorter than Cobie.

Anyone know of any other actors that we’d be surprised by their heights?


3 thoughts on “Giant Hollywood

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