Am I not a descendant of the tallest people in the world?

I’m at trivia last Wednesday night (where we are 1st in our league), with my team that is currently kicking much ass (pictured below) and we get kind of a strange question in the final round: “The Tutsis of Berma and (some other country that isn’t Rwanda) race is known for what distinct physical trait?” or something like that. It was a weird question. A lot of people put long necks because, well, you know, the only people you ever see with those weird neck ring things are Africans. (PS: true, but they also do it in Thailand and elsewhere. First pictures that come up on a Google search are Asian women with next rings.)

But what apparently they are known for is that they are the Tallest Race on the planet. I thought that was interesting and I went to ask DJ Appropriate, our Trivia Master-whatever-guy and told him I knew for a fact, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world.

Turns out, the DUTCH IS NOT A RACE!!!…. According to, race is defined as a group of persons related by common descent or heredity. I guess the Dutch don’t have natural heredity? Or am I wrong about it not being the Dutch? Everything I’ve read tells me it’s the Dutch. I think my pubs trivia answer database is a liiiiiittle out of date.


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