A chart I’ve been looking for for a while

A few years ago I heard on the TV show Monk that less than 5% of the US population is over 6’3″ tall. I was actually kind surprised, but I really shouldn’t have been. I get asked how tall I am atleast once a day or I get someone standing next to me who looks straight up, points at me and whispers something to the person they are walking with.

That all being said, I finally found atleast a little info proving what they said on the show. According to this page on Wikipedia (the most trusted name on the Internet ;), it’s more like 2.5%, but my memory could be off and that’s what they said on Monk. They have some ridiculous statistics that I love. Here they are for just my height:

% of population that is shorter than me: If you are 6-7, then 99.9626%
Chances are you are the tallest person in the room: If you are 6-7, then you will be the tallest person in a room of 2673.80 people.

That’s just fun. check it out and see how you rank!!! Click here.

And if you have better info, let me know. Thanks!!


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