Just yesterday

I’m walking down the street and I walk past a short Chinese woman. (Why do I know she’s Chinese? I don’t, for a fact, but after living in SF for almost a decade I’m getting pretty good at knowing my Asians.)

So this woman is staring at me, literally staring. She’s also smiling at me, surrounded by a lot of bag at her feet, which I take to mean she’s just sort of a homeless person. As I pass, she begins to say stuff in Chinese(?) and make these arm gestures. Basically, she’s trying to tell me I’m tall. And probably asking me if I play basketball.

Yes, ma’am, thank you. Thank you for reminding me. And no, I don’t play basketball, I wrestled in high school. (That’s a story for another post.) I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a compliment or what, but honestly, I don’t really need to be reminded. I smiled, politely laughed and moved on.

Maybe not everyone knows this, but those of us who are kind of unique (and not by choice) get a little weirded out when people start point at us, gesturing things about us, or flat our staring. I know part of the reason they are staring is because I’m hot. I also know that the other part is because I look like those giants that Scientologists worship. (Battlefield Earth anyone?…. anyone?….. *hangs head in defeat cause no one else saw it in the theater….*)

Do me a favor guys and next time you run into someone that doesn’t look like you, and I mean in any way, please point out how different they are and see how happy they get:

“Oh wow! You’re soooo black. Do you play basketball?”

“Holy crap you’re way gay. Do you design interiors of things?

“Wow! You are one tiny Asian! Do you know karate?”

“You are one latino looking latino. Do you do play in a Mariache band?”

“You’re one Indian looking Indian person. Do you…. do… whatever Indians do….. oh! Drive a taxi?”

Please guys, as much as we know it is such a surprise to see us please refrain from staring, pointing, or asking silly questions. It’s not as rude as asking a war veteran what it is like to kill someone, but it’s probably more annoying…

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