If you didn’t know it, it was Pride weekend here in San Francisco. I had to work part of the morning, but by 2pm I was out at the party at Civic Center. As always, it was “fabulous”. I decided that the best way to support my gay friends would be to get out there and get pictures of myself with tall gays, which are even rarer than just us run of the mill tall guys.

And I apologize in advance for not taking any pictures with tall lesbians. To be honest, I ran into only about 2 of them and I gotta tell ya I wasn’t sure that me asking to take photos with them would go over well. So if you are a tall lesbian that was at Pride this weekend and you’re feeling left out shoot me a photo and I’ll post it. Oh, and special thanks to my friend Harry for being my photographer for the afternoon. Enjoy.

Here they are in the order I met people:

Me, Jeff & Rex (all about 6′-7″)

Frank, Rolf, and Me. They were visiting from the Netherlands and appeared to be about 6’5″. Sorry, I never asked anyone exactly how tall they were. Whoops.

Joe & Me. Easily, the happiest of all the leather daddy’s to see me.

Kevin, Alfie and Me. Kevin is 6’9″ tall. Alfie, who is only 5’10” really wanted to be in the picture. Plus, he adds some perspective about our size.

Ronnie, Me, and Kevin. Ronnie is 6-5″ and married to Kevin. Very nice guys. Kevin and I compared hands. It was like I was my niece and he was me.

Oh, and here’s a two photos from the morning I spent at Alcatraz supervising a tour group:

Alexis, my friend over at funemploymentblog

……….and then there’s my giant ass…..


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