how much is enough?

As I awakened this morning to my roommates hammer shoes and bumping ghetto fabulous* music, I notice the clock reads 7:00am. Which means, since getting in last night from clubbin’ with friends at 3am, I’ve slept a total of 4 hours. This also might end up being the total I sleep for the entire day as a nap might be out of the question later. Which leads me to wonder, how much sleep do tall people need?

A friend of mine in my MBA program is the same height as me, 6′-7″, and we had a discussion about this before. I told him I usually sleep about 6-8 hours a night, maybe with a 30 minute nap in the middle of the day. Although there are a lot of days during the school year where I am out socializing with MBA folks which can lead to only 4 hours a night for me. He thought I was nuts. He’s a pretty big athlete who works out regularly and he told me if he doesn’t get 10 hours a night he’s fatigued all day.

So what’s the normal amount of sleep a giant should get? I have yet to come across a chart for it in “The Tall Book” (who’s review I should have up soon) and scientific studies on it are hard to come by based on height. (Or, at least something I can work with from a Google search which only turns up how sleeping can help you grow. blah blah blah.)

Which leads me back to my original question I will now pose to you, my readers, where ever you are out there, how tall are you and how much sleep do you get? is it enough?

EDITORS UPDATE 1:38pm: I apologize for listing my roommates music as “ghetto music”. It is now correctly listed as “ghetto fabulous music”.


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