Top 5 Coolest Things I learned while reading “The Tall Book”

As both of my readers know (“Hi Mom and Dad!”) I’ve spent the last few weeks reading “The Tall Book” by Arianne Cohen. A fantastic read, which really opened my eyes to tall culture. That’s right, it’s in Italics, not quotations. Why? Cause it’s a real thing.

Now rather than give a glowing review that will sound like verbal felatio for this fantastic book, I decided to spend the next few weeks listing off some of the coolest things I learned from the book.

“Why over a few weeks as opposed to just one post?”

Wow, you sure are inquisitive today Mom. The reason is that because I like this book so much I don’t want it to fall off the radar as many topics can in blogs unless they are constantly harped on and referenced. I suppose I could keep up with whatever is going on with the book as far as the press, etc, but I’m sure Arianne will be doing that herself over at her own website for the book www.thetallbook.com.

And here it is:

#5: Tall men have their pick of the tall ladies

It’s something that never totally clicked for me and I’m not sure why, but I never really thought that I had much sway with tall women. Maybe it’s because I was never really interested in tall women till recently. I’m not sure why that was, but it’s just how things were. I’m thinking because I used to not want to stand out just because I’m tall. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, as standing next to a shorter girl just makes you look that much taller, but standing with a tall girl made me feel that much taller.

Plus, I always felt that so many of the tall girls wanted someone that was just flat out bigger than me. More broad shouldered, bigger, like a line backer. Then I realized, there aren’t a ton of those guys around. And I’m actually pretty broad shouldered. I just need to find some better fitting clothing.

And honestly, I would like it if the one thing I didn’t have to bend over to the point of touching my toes is when I kiss a woman.

Arianne, you are wonderful. Thank you for the great read.


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