Awesome E-mail

The other day I got a message through a free dating website that I use sometimes that was rather interesting and I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s from a woman in NY who came across my profile, saw my blog link on the profile and sent me the following message:

“I am tall too. Actually, that’s not the confession, that’s the obvious. The confession is that I lied in my profile. I’m 6ft tall. But when I had that listed, I never got any emails. I dropped it to 5ft 11, a few more came in, dropped it to 5ft 10 and I’m flooded, daily. Hmmmm…interesting. Feel free to use that in your blog, which is great by the way, I can really relate.

2nd confession: You’re totally cute!


Very flattering. Very amusing. Two things I’m sure you’re thinking right now though:

1) Is that really true?
I can totally believe it. I’ve shared this story with a few people and they have all believe it to be true. As I have written before, height in men is attractive. Height in women, is intimidating. Speaking of which, I want to get a shirt that says “Climbable” across it.

2) Why would you openly post your blog and Youtube account on a dating website? I’m a child of the internet, I suppose. Mine is the only name of it’s kind on the interweb so it’s kind of hard to hide. Plus, honestly, the ratio of men writing messages to women on those sites is 400:1. Women writing to men is 1:.00001 so whatever you can do to stand out and not seem creepy is a big help.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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