In my continuing unabashed appreciation of the “The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High” I bring to you the fourth cool thing I learned in my reading.

#4: Fit Size and tall clothing manufacturers.

Has anyone ever heard of “fit size” before? I hadn’t. I just learned of it a few days ago as I finished reading “The Tall Book”. Apparently, it’s the base size that most companies use for their products. And by base, I mean it’s who it is designed for and look perfect on. Many of them choose the average American height for both women and men: 5’4” for women, 5’8” for men.

Why is this such a big deal? As the book informs, all companies do is scale up and down based on this standard. So essentially, whenever I wear something, it’s meant to look great on a dude a foot shorter than me. That’s why nothing looks right on me, nothing looks good. And when they scale up, the top for them is 6’3”.

And beyond THAT there seems to be a desire to assume as you get taller you magically get as wide a Howard Taft. Which is why there is XL and XXL which gets wider, not taller like LT (large-tall) or XLT. PLUS(!) When I put on an LT shirt, the thing practically hangs to my mid-thigh. If an average sized girl wore one of the shirts companies would like me to wear, she’d look like she was wearing a ball gown. WTF is up with that?

But there is hope!!! Apparently, there are a number of tall clothing manufacturers that you can purchase clothes designed and crafted for tall frames. They are listed in the book, which you should read because this is just a taste of the info in that chapter. (Plus: I was going to list them, but that feels like stealing to me.)

So for more about tall clothing, tall things and the tall book click here to check out Arianne’s page.

And once again, thanks Arianne for such a great book!!!!


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