Alcatraz is overun with giants

This summer, I’ve been working a gig where I go as a chaperon out to Alcatraz with teen groups. I got it through a friend and we’ve gone so many times now that we care comparison shopping the water bottles on the boat to the ones in the gift shop.

Darcy: “Oh, look! The water bottle in the gift shop is 12.5¢ an ounce, while the one on the boat is 22¢ an ounce.”

Alexis: “That’s great Darcy. You need a hobby.”

After about the 3rd time we took this trip I noticed something even weirder: The island is being overrun with giants. And by the 6th trip, I started taking photos:

Now this could be just because there are a lot of dutch travelers, but I wouldn’t lump all of them in the same category as the little dutch boy I crushed a few weeks ago. (I will smite you Karel!!!) I prefer to think that it has to do with something I read in The Tall Book, which is the fact that tall people make $800 more per year per inch of height.

Whether that’s true or not, I decided to do some “tall watching”. It’s a lot like bird watching, only the majesty of the creatures is not how they soar through the air, but how they avoid head injuries from low hanging obstacles.

Happy weekend everyone! I’m off to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy tomorrow where I will hopefully use up the last of the roll from the old camera I found on top of the hutch at my parents house.

PS: If you like that picture of the giant, the artists website I “borrowed” it from is Pretty cool stuff.


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