As you all know, I finished reading The Tall Book by Arianne Cohen a short while ago and I decided as opposed to doing a full review of this awesome-tastic book I’d do a count down of the top 5 coolest things I learned from the book.

If you’re keeping a track #5: Tall men have their pick of the tall ladies and #4: Fit Size and tall clothing manufacturers.

Today, we hit the next on our list.

#3: I’m not gonna die sooner cause of my heart

I’ve always had an understanding that cause I’m tall that some how my circulation is bad. That my heart pumps slower or something like that just because I’m tall. It makes logical sense right? I grew up with stories about how Andre the Giant had died because of a bad heart. (Of which, I can’t find proof of that.) That being huge meant that somehow blood just doesn’t travel as well. It’s apparently completely untrue. Phew…..

APPARENTLY, The thing I should have been scared of all this time was Cancer. For tall guys, the odds of getting cancer increase 30%. Why? Not to over simplify, but being tall means an over abundance of growth hormones. Cancer is an over abundance of cells. It’s a bit of a leap, but there not being an overabundance of science about why tall health is the way it is, other than taking medical records, scanning for height and health related issues, and churning out the fact that I’M GOING TO DIE OF CANCER!!!!!

Still, nice to know that if I die of heart problems it will have little to do with my height and more to do with poor genetics. (My Dad has a pace maker……)

Oh well, Happy Hump Day!!!!


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