The other day, on my last trip out to Alcatraz (Whoo hooo magic trip #7!!!) I saw this girl on Muni. I’m not one to talk to women on the train as I think it is just one of those disconcerting things for many people. But this girl was tall, cute, and Asian which as you all know is a huge turn on for me. I never quite got up the nerve to speak to her, but what I did do was this….

To the Tall, Hot Asian Girl on the N Judah, why couldn’t I talk to you???

“Hello Tall Hot Asian Girl,

I apologize for not having the guts to talk to you while I was on the train. You had your ear buds in and when a giant, such as myself, abruptly talks to someone it can be a bit startling.

But you, oh Tall Hot Asian Girl, you in your Converse Sneakers, blue jeans and green sweatshirt. How did you know that was my favorite combination of clothing? I mean, I don’t care that much about the blue jeans and green sweatshirt, but those Converse…. Huge fan. I’m not sure why, but I’m attracted to girls in Converse. If only you had been in a skirt you would have seen me float, like a unicorn flying to the top of Unicorn Falls.

We were riding on the N Judah and you got off at Duboce Park and walked right out of my life. Oh Tall Hot Asian Girl, if only I had been able to push the breath out of my body to to form Ha and Eye.

Below is a photo of the lower half of your body. If you recognize yourself, please contact me.”

God I love Craigslist…. 🙂


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