Last Wednesday I was up all night with a fever, spent the day hoping it was just a cold, then ended up having my bff Nick take me to the emergency room around 9pm because my fever had gotten worse. I left with a prescription for more cow bell…. I mean, Penicillin for the strep throat the doctor says I had.

Why am I telling you guys all this? It’s mostly to explain why today I don’t have a topic to talk about that’s all that interesting. I usually bat something around in my mind over the weekend for the this week, but unfortunately between being sick and helping my new roommate move in (which for half the day consisted of me driving my truck or sleeping on his futon) I just didn’t have the energy to be creative. I used my one good idea that I had developed somewhat on Friday because my little brother gets sad if I don’t post. (Don’t cry Chris. Look, a puppy!!)

For today though, I have a question: I recently got a bunch of business cards printed to help promote the blog. It’s pretty basic, not too flashy. (You can see it below.) I’ve passed a few out, mostly to people who say, “Wow, you’re tall!” and then I tell them I have a blog as I hand them a card. But the question is, “How do I approach random tall people to tell them about the blog?”

So far, I have worked out a few ideas along with my Alcatraz buddy Alexis over at funemploymentblog, which she has retired due to employment:

“Hey, you’re tall! (Then I hand them the card.)”

“Hey, want to read something fun about tall people?”

“(I silently hand them a card with a knowing look that there is a kinship between us, for we are tall.)”

That’s basically it. Any suggestions? I’m open to anything.


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