My head is too big for hats

Recently, I stopped by a friend from my theater days at SFSU’s new haberdashery…. millinery…. uh… hat shop called “Paul’s Hat Works”. It’s not really ‘new’ persey, as the shop has been operating since 1918 but new to her and he friends who recently purchased it.

She introduced me a machine called a “conformiture“. It’s a machine invented in the 1860’s that accurately measures the size of your head so that way a hat can be made that fits you like a glove. The one she used on me is probably more early 1900’s that 1860’s, but still very cool and weird to put on. It’s like an alien is check your head to see if it’s ripe. It punches holes into index cards, which are then transferred to another device to figure out exactly how to form your new hat.

Here is my punch card next to Olivia’s so you can get an idea of what a normal heads size should look like.

I love this idea as we are not a store bought, only fits the 95th percentile person glove. No, a hat that perfectly fits you like it was made for you… cause it was. And if you’re tall, with a giant head like mine (hate size 7-5/8ths) that’s extremely important. Here’s a few photos to enjoy and check out more about their shop at there blog (link in sidebar as well):

PS: I’m going to be switching to twice a week this week, as a prelude to school starting pretty soon and my schedule getting tighter.


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