Youth in Asia

I know a lot of you have been following the health care debate closely. It’s focused on a number of issues, such as how a lot of old people don’t seem to understand that Medicare is a government run program, but what it seems to have missed on is the true things we should all be afraid of: Youth in Asia will kill your grandmother!

My friend, Mr. Ficken, alerted me to this crisis recently by revealing this photo from a protest rally.

How can the country be so terrified of death panels when Asian Youths are out to kill your grandmother!

And if THAT didn’t shock you, then this will: my nemesis IS the youth in Asia.

How has my Nemesis pulled this off? Apparently, while in college getting her B.A. in Dance, she has found time to make it to the genetic engineering lab and duplicate herself. How tricky of you, Nemesis. But your desire to destroy all thing tall and giant will not be successful!!!

I have joined forces with Neil Patrick Harris and Dustin Diamond from the original “Saved by the Bell”. I and my team of 80’s TV stars, astride our mighty unicorns, will destroy you Nemesis!!! You shall not win, no matter how many times you may duplicate yourself!!! I will save my giant grandmother (who is 6’0″ by the way) from your evil clutches!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!

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