Appropriate Sized Dogs

I was having this thought the other day as I was at a BBQ for the MBA program and it basically centered around “I need an appropriate sized dog.” My friend brought her dog with her, a giant something something (sorry, don’t remember what kind) and it just made me think how I really want a dog that I don’t have to bend over to pet. (Much like my earlier post about wanting a girlfriend I don’t have to bend over to kiss.) Until recently I just sort of assumed I had to suck it up when it came to being tall (i.e. the fact that I can’t buy clothing my size, seats don’t fit, etc) and the thought of an appropriate sized dog never entered my mind.

When I was a kid, I loved little dogs. I had this little terrier that my Dad named Yoda. Sweetest little dog ever. I trained her how to let me hold her like a baby, lying on her back in my arms. That took a while for her to get used to letting someone do that but she got the hang of it. She endeared me to the tiny dogs and I always thought that’s what I wanted.

Over time I kept thinking, “Do I really want a small dog?” It looks pretty ridiculous when I’m standing next to a tall person and I really don’t want to look like Jason Segel in “I Love You, Man”. (Apologies for the poor screen cap.)

Ridiculous looking, right? And I’m 3″ taller than Jason.

I guess the big question is, what kind of dog should I get? I want a big dog, but not something so huge it might eat my sofa. And trust me they exist. (See video below) So what should I get?


One thought on “Appropriate Sized Dogs

  1. Cuuuttteee šŸ™‚ Sooo cute, I want one!!!!But little tiny doggies are cute too. Even if I worry that one day I might miss and squash them under a sofa cushion.

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