Time to start losing body parts

It’s always funny to me when I read about people complaining about tall people.

“At Newark, my girlfriend had the misfortune of several tall people blocking her view and it made her seriously cranky through much of the show.” – this blog

“….The person in front of the person in front of me was also too darned tall. So the guy in front of me had to shift in his seat to see around the person in front of him. (Is this clear? I could draw a diagram.) So when the guy two rows down shifted to the right, the guy in front of me moved to the left. So whichever way I moved, I was basically blocked.” that blog (which happens to be a blog for the San Francisco Chronicle)

For some reason, a lot of what comes up on my google alert for “tall people”, “tall person” is complaints about how our height is generally impeding the joy of your everyday life. How much it must suck to go to show, fit in perfectly in the seat without your knees bumping against the front of it or people, when they first sit down SLAMMING into their seat and hitting your knees as if the back of their seat were a baseball bat? I mean, who wants that right? Not me.

I’d like to take a moment to apologize to shorter people. I’m sorry that I cannot lop my head off so that you have a clear view of a stage in a space where the architect was clearly not considering that anyone in the world is taller than say 6′-0″.

I’d also like to apologize that I have no choice in the matter and cannot magically grow shorter. If I could, believe me, on occasion I would. And quite frankly, I would also like the power to be able to change into any ethnicity cause I gotta tell ya, you think it’s bad when YOU go to Chinatown, you should see what it’s like when I go to Chinatown.

So… yeah….

PS: I prefer to keep this blog upbeat and fun, but honestly, kids, if you’re averaged sized, shut up. The world is made for you. Not me, nor my friends at the other end of the spectrum. Even my Nemesis….. NEMESIS I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!

Don’t let her cuteness fool you. She’s a wicked adversary.
She killed my puppy… well, I’m sure she would if I had one….shut up

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