I want to put John Stewart in my pocket and save him for later

Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I do just so enjoy pointing out the littleness of John Stewart. I love watching “The Daily Show” and I often forget just how tiny John is, sitting back behind that desk. That is, of course, till someone huge shows up, much like when Lebron James visited last week.

As you can see in this photo, John had Lebron do a “back to back” comparison, much like my little brother and I did when we were deciding just how much smaller he was than me. That was not nearly entertaining as seeing John barely come up to Lebron’s shoulder. Lebron look HUUUUGE, but he’s 6’8″ making him just an inch taller than me.

Lebron, watch your step. You might crush him.

Oh John Stewart. At 5’7″, you are just cute as a button. Let’s see if we can find a photo of you with someone shorter than you. Oh, here’s one…

And Congratualtions to the Daily Show on their Emmy win’s on Sunday!


One thought on “I want to put John Stewart in my pocket and save him for later

  1. Cool – I'm the same height as John Stewart. I actually love being around tall people. I'm lucky that I am fairly short and like being short! Now if only you were so tall, (or I was so short) that you really could put me in your pocket, that would be awesome!

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