Be a Blood Hero

The Tall Blog is a donatin’ blood again!

I went in for the first time in a few months yesterday, with my schedule finally clearing up I was able to freely sit for 2 hours to do the apheresis machine. This marked my fifth donation this year and I know this because I got my blood donation gold card the other day. I logged onto the and discovered just how many times I had actually gone, what I had given specifically, and also how many points I’d racked up in the process. After yesterday, I’m up to 650 points! I’ve scored enough to get a free movie ticket and a pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

I also like the fact that they track my cholesterol for me, which lord knows I don’t go to the doctor often enough to track even with the health history of my family.

Is this good?

This visit now brings up my tracking total, 400cc’s of plasma (2 dose), 2 x a 10.1 x 10″ of platelets (6 doses) and I think 500cc’s of Red Blood cells, but I forgot to ask how much they take. I’ll check next time.

But thanks to the Blood Hero website, I can back track and say that I’ve given 1,000cc’s of Plasma (5 doses), 15 doses of platelets and 2,000cc’s of Red Blood cells.

Try not to faint.

So tall people with your giant systems all full of bloody goodness, and short people out there with your not quite as big blood filled system, get out there and donate! It only takes 20 minutes or so for a whole blood donation, truly a fraction of your week.

I only eat Oreo’s now after donating. My dinners of Oreo’s and beer have long since passed.


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