Veterans Day

It’s Veterans day today here in America. It’s the day we celebrate military veterans of wars the US fought in. (Super quick history: Veteran’s day was Armistice Day, celebrating veterans of just WWI, until 1954, when Congress made is a day for all Veterans. Click here for more.)

So today, as we celebrate our war hero’s, I wanted to find a tall war hero to celebrate. Or write something about veteran’s that has to do with being tall. Unfortunately, other than that there are maximum heights for being in the military I couldn’t find much. At least, I’m going to they have maximums because the Marine Corp implies a maximum height allowed as 76″ (6′-4″) while the Army says 80″ (6′-8″).

But what I was able to find was something I long forgot. In the Red Badge of Courage there is a soldier that Henry meets that he calls “a tall soldier”. Here is the short and sweet from

Jim Conklin – Henry’s friend; a tall soldier hurt during the regiment’s first battle. Jim soon dies from his wounds, and represents, in the early part of the novel, an important moral contrast to Henry.

To all our Veterans, tall and not so tall: There are no enough words to adequately express the thanks of a grateful nation. But I hope “Thank you” will begin us down the path to find enough.


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