Autocomplete “Tall”

My good friend, Ficken Esquire, made a wonderful suggestion to me today. He was taking a break from putting criminals behind bars and made a suggestion to me that I put “tall” into Google to see what the auto complete would be.

What’s Autocomplete you ask? It’s Googles way of trying to figure out what you are going to be looking up based on what is most popular in a particular day, week, month something like that. It’s there to help refine your search terms to make search easier. There’s been a lot of fun playing with it as of late and the link to other cool things that have popped up is here, but please enjoy what I found doing Tall related search:

Google: Tall

Apparently Fescue is a grass. I’m not surprised it came up, just surprised enough people know what the word is that they are googling about it for it to pop up in Autocomplete.

Google: “Tall da

Ficken Eqsuire found this one. I’m assuming it’s cause he WAS looking for a tall, dark chicano. I mean, who isn’t these days right?

Google: “Why Tall”

Ok, so I highlighted “why tall people are happier than short people” and the answer is “we = awesome x infinity x NPH“, but then I saw the “Why tall women like short men” just now and I thought to myself “How many guys out there are kidding themselves?”. 🙂

And now for the coup de grâce….

Google: “Do Tall”

The answer is yes. Yes we do.

That’s it for me for today! Happy Tuesday! I’m off to go do more MBA type things as that is the only thing that keeps me from having fun with you guys. Please blame my Entrepreneurial Management class and my TAing for the Study Tour to Dubai/Istanbul from keeping me from posting yesterday.

PS: And not to keep asking, but if you show me some love for Movember, $5 is all I ask and it’s a great cause. My Dad had prostate cancer and I look forward to the day when Dr. Bones can just slip me a pill and I grow a new prostate. Donate here.

PPS: Also, check me out on Facebook at my fanpage. I don’t mention it often, but I want to hit 100 so I can actually get the vanity URL I have on the business cards I hand out for this blog. Thanks!


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