I heart emotocon Jason Segel

Jason (6’4″) with Linda Cardellini (5’3″)

I wasn’t going to post anything today, as I try to avoid Friday because its the slowest web surfing day on the Internet or at least so I’ve been told by my good friends over at I Hate People.

But I just found this video of Jason Segel over at Filmdrunk.com who found it through Slashfilm.com who found it on Youtube.com… lord the Internet is slutty, passing around videos and what not every without any protection giving everyone all sort of viral videos that could infect the masses!!!!…….

But I digress. Point is, I’ve written previously about the show Jason is on, HIMYM, but I’ve never written specifically about him. And today, I still won’t because it’s Friday and almost no one is reading this. Instead, I will just show the video and it will explain one of the many reasons why I love this guy in as homoerotic a way that a straight man can. Because I could go on for days about how one of the reasons I stopped acting was because I’m too tall for it, or how that didn’t stop Jason even though he’s 6’4″ or how he is also more talented than me and he knows how to play a piano and sing and other things that I will stop talking about because this has turned into a truly horrendous run on sentence that I know Sister Diana, who taught me better than this in high school, would reprimand me for…..

PS: Jason gives out his phone number in the song. I’m gonna call that sucker and leave him a message telling him about the blog. Boo yah


One thought on “I heart emotocon Jason Segel

  1. Well it's Friday and here's a comment anyways. In addition i have to agree that Jason is a great actor. I myself am 6'5" and can say that as long as you have talents that can captivate the viewers, height is seldomly an issue. 🙂

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