That much closer to Michelle Wie….

I discovered the other day one of the most wonderful things on the planet. It’s like finding a unicorn in your backyard or pot of gold leaf leaves in your closet!

I was talking to my friend Tristan after class and we ended up talking about my blog, which I know he reads (Hi Tristan!), eventually talking about my “affection” for tall Asian women. This of course led to one of my first posts this summer about the lovely Michelle Wei. To which Tristan replied, “You know, I know her dad.”

WHAT?!?!? Holy crap! I suddenly just got that much closer to actually meeting Michelle Wei! Apparently, Tristan took a class taught my Michelle’s dad, Byungwook Wei, when he attended the University of Hawaii. And apparently he even spoke to the guy, because average class size is about 25, which mean if Tristans is anything like I’ve known him to be in our classes Prof. Wei knew him well.

And you know what this means right? Based on the “Bacon Law” I am now just 3 steps removed from Michelle Wei! For our visual edification:

That’s right dear readers, I’ve gotten that much closer. My hopes have been raised and now it’s quite possible that I am at least a good 15% closer to meeting Michelle Wie and in doing so telling her how how she is, ney, how hot as hell she is.

Thank you Tristan. Thank you for giving me this hope.

And now, in closing, here is Michelle in a hot dress.

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