For those of you stuck at work I present…

Crappy though it may be, those of you stuck at work this Black Friday after Thanksgiving, I am here to lighten your day. While your friends and family are out doing their best to not get killed in a stampede or knife fight trying to get the best deal on a hamster toy thing or whatever the hell is in such hot demand at Walmart, I’m here to make you smile with my tall happenings that are going on all over the world RIGHT NOW!!!…. ok, not right now, but you can find them on the web right now, which is technically now for you just not…. oh, shut up…

Hot Tall Model of the Moment: Eve

The blogosphere is all a twitter about Eve, a “nearly 7′ tall model” who is very hot and is going to be the cover girl for some Australian magazine.

Now, I have only found on one blog, Oddity Central, that has any reference to her actual height. They have her listed as 2 meters 5 centimeters which translates into 6’7″ for us ignorant Americans. That means, she’s really exactly as tall as me. Now, for the photo shoot to get her to “almost” 7’0″ tall they threw her in some 1″ platform, I’m gonna say 6″ heals so that she can’t quite make it easily through a door. Love how everyone is pretty much ignoring that while she is tall… make that very tall, she ain’t 7’0″. She’s not even listed in any of my in depth, scour the earth research. *cough* Wikipedia *cough* And when you stand her next to a girl that is only 5’3″ tall, yeah, she’s gonna look like she might eat your baby.

Obviously, this is a ploy to get readers, and good on Eve for working with what her maker gave her, but I thought I should add some perspective about her…. well perspective. And while she is hot and tall, she will not be featured in my Tall, Hot Asian Girl gallery on my Facebook fanpage due to her lack of Asian-ness.

And now, in my own ploy to get readers, here’s a video I stole. Boo Yah. For more photos on Eve go check out The Chive because I can’t find her personal website. If someone can edify me I’ll post it in the sidebar.


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