Tall = Movie Star-esque

I want to preface this with that this post is geared more towards my tall readers than my readers who are just looking to be amazingly entertained.

Ok, there’s a general complaint I’ve noticed for a long time being lodged by tall people everywhere: total strangers treat you like some kind of weirdo or aberration in society/stop you in the street. As you’ve read previously in my blog, this has happened to me as well. It might sound far fetched, as many shorter people around me seem to think, but it’s quite true. Years ago I used to complain about it myself. My common refrain was, “You wouldn’t walk up to a black guy and ask him how black he is or if he was good at basketball, would you?”

And now we hit the part that is really going to blow the mind of any of my readers who are not in the 99-percentile in height and possibly end up in a few deaths in those of you that are: Being tall is a lot like being a movie star and you should work it like you’re a movie star.

Seriously, follow my logic:

  1. You’re stopped on the street and questioned.
  2. People stare and gawk from a far.
  3. People are more inclined to sleep with you for no other reason than they way you look.
  4. People want to take pictures with me.
  5. I’m paid more because of outward appearance, not necessarily any other merit.

The only thing that isn’t a cross over is that people do not want my autograph.

Now, you may argue with me on one or all these points, but I guarantee you they are all true. And once I realized this I started becoming really proud of my height. I stopped complaining about people always asking me and I instead I started talking it up. You see, like a movie star, you don’t see us running around a lot. At least not us really tall people because we fall into the ninety-ninth percentile in height in the world.

So this one goes out to all my tall brethren out there, be they male or female: Stand tall and rock what God gave you! That’s right, we = awesome automatically without even having to try. Putting it into words might make a jerk, but one of us has to say it so that every other person out there that feels weird or inadequate about their height can stop slouching and start workin’ it. I’d rather have you talking it up than hiding in a corner scaring the villagers because they think you are going to grind them into a fine paste or eat their babies.

Rock on tall kids. Work what your mama gave you! She didn’t push your giant body out of her for you to try and hide it with baggy clothes, slouching and not dancing when your at a party cause your afraid you’ll hurt someone….

WARNING: While you should rock your awesomeness, please be careful while dancing and don’t crush anyone. Short people are people too… I’m told… šŸ™‚

Video stolen via Kristen’s Tall Tales
I just added her to the Other Tall Blogs links in the sidebar.

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