Hugging while tall

I’ve wanted to do a post about hugging for a while, because I’ve noticed how different it is for me from other people. I am almost never face to face with the people I hug, except with family members. So what better way to show the differences in hugging than with one of my favorite huggers, my niece Miss MEV (Who is 3’6”). Just to be clear, this is about me hugging someone, not all tall people. I’m sure they have other names for them.

Let’s do this sucker by height:

4’-0” or shorter: The Dog

Hug the leg. This is perfectly acceptable, no matter how much she looks similar to a dog humping my leg, she’s short. And she rocks that tutu in her pajamas.

4’1” – 6-0”: The Torso Hug

Hug of my torso, head to the chest action, my head on top of theirs. This is actually the most common one for me. It’s nice, but still, it lacks true intimacy because the other persons head is not level with yours. You’re not looking into someones eyes when you’re done hugging, you’re looking DOWN into their eyes.

6’1” – 6’8”: The Face to Face Hug

Perfect height. Eye level. Awkwardness as to who puts their arms where. Ahhhhh…. This one is the tall persons dream.

6’-8” and up: The Blue Moon Hug (i.e. Torso Hug part deux)

Sorry guys, no photo. We ran out of ladder, but I’m assuming we just rebound back to The Torso hug, except this time I’m Maddy. These are the kinds of rare hugs that happen only once in a great blue moon.* Oh wait, I think I do have a photo:

Who gets a high five for awesome Photoshop skills? *slap*

*outside of Holland. In Holland, it’s called “The Average Hug”

5 thoughts on “Hugging while tall

  1. At 6'7" myself I'd be a face to face hug. And boy would that be a nice change of pace for me!! Thanks for the post dude!!!!

  2. i`m 6'5 i found this really funny ! thanks for sharing manps:who`s the woman who do the measurment? she looks really tall beside you 0.o

  3. I don't think I've hugged someone the same height as me since my freshman year of high school. Which is only because I'm tall, not creepy. For reals.

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