Brand Loyalty

Does anyone know this guys tailor?

Last semester, I had a mild epiphany. I was sitting in my Brand Strategy class and we were having a discussion about brand loyalty; what goes into brand loyalty, why people are brand loyal, and so on and so one. I took a moment and cataloged what brands I am loyal to, naming off such handy favorites as Apple (who owns me completely), Google, Swiss Army for bags, Irish Spring for soap, Dewalt for power tools, and others when I realized something interesting. I have absolutely no brand loyalty when it comes to clothing. None.

I used to think this was simply because I hate shopping like what is the common preconceived notion about men. “Shopping’s stupid. GRRRR FOOTBALL!!!” And I’ve had many friends take me shopping to try and put me in clothes (Hi Nick and Chelsea!) with little success to get me addicted to any of their brands. But what I’ve come to realize is the reason that why I have no brand loyalty is because there really isn’t a brand that caters to my height. Nick tried to get me into GAP, to which he is their personal bitch (don’t deny it Nick), but every time I buy something from anywhere it’s always a little to short or too wide. Sure, there is Big and Tall, but Big and Tall is predominantly BIG not Tall. Those clothes are made for tallish fat men, not tall skinny guys.

Most tall guys have essentially given in on this front, including my little brother. He asks me all the time why I don’t just wear XL, which pretty much covers my body as well as a moo-moo covers a dwarf. XL is made for fat America, not tall America. And LT (Large Tall) is just extra cloth at the bottom of a shirt made for average sized people. (Read about my fit size complaint here.) It hangs incredibly low because it’s meant for people 6’3″ to 6’10” tall and that’s a pretty big distance to cover.

Sample from Vertical Workshop, modeled by Jeff (6’5″)

But wait! There is hope. A guy named Jeff, who has started his own brand called Vertical Workshop designed specifically for tall, more slender men (sorry ladies). He’s actually looking for people to try out some of his samples and give feedback. I’m signing up to try it out so I’ll let you all know how it goes. Click here to join in!

If it works out, I may have found a place to put my brand loyalty. Jeff’s funding this purely with his own life savings and really hopes to make a go of it. Good luck Jeff! I hope it works out! (I’ve also added Vertical Workshop to my sidebar list of Tall shopping)

And if you are a tall lady and want to read about tall lady fashion, please go check out Sarah Vain and Tall’s blog and find out some cool stuff about fashion for tall ladies. (She’s also listed in my links in the sidebar.)


One thought on “Brand Loyalty

  1. Totally agree with you about the LT thing, it's not enough just to stick some extra material on the end of a shirt. I have maybe on or two out of a dozen shirts that fit on the sleeve, shoulder, and length. Also, that vertical workshop thing looks pretty cool, will give it a go.

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