Speaking of beds….

After spending a few weeks away from my bed, traveling with my MBA program to Dubai and Istanbul (click here to read that blog) with my high tech bed extender made from plywood and foam, I realized just how much I love sleeping in a bed that fits me. Until just about three years ago I slept with my feet hanging over the end of my bed. Maybe I’m speaking out of turn, but I think a lot of tall people just get used to it. But when my feet started to lose feeling from hanging over the end I built my extension and never looked back. I sleep better, I feel better and I just love it.


Now, I’ve reached an impasse. I sleep in a full bed, which means when some one spends the night I don’t sleep well. There really isn’t room in my bed for two people comfortably and this needs to be dealt with. Which brings me to my ultimate choice: do I spend a thousand dollars and get a California king or do I spend half that or less to get another full sized mattress and turn my bed into a super bed!!!!!

Awesome photoshop rendering *high five*

That’s right, i’m debating buying or craigslisting a second full sized mattress and ratchet strapping the suckers together. Crazy you say!? HA!! Crazy brilliant!! The length of two full size mattress’s, strapped together horizontally, would give me a length of 9’0″!!! that’s over 2 feet longer than a California King. That would also give plenty of room for a dog at the foot of the bed if in fact I ever get that black lab I’ve been wanting.

Plus, it’s money saving, I can always break it into two beds in a punch for a visiting guest with whom I don’t want to share a bed, and IT’S A SUPER BED!!! How many people can say they sleep in a super bed? (except Miss Mock)

I don’t know everyone what do you say? California King (only available in California, Nevada and Arkansas) or SUPER BED!!!!

6 thoughts on “Speaking of beds….

  1. What, you have other people in your bed? Sob šŸ˜„ I am going to put ashes and a sackcloth on :(Nice bed extension by the way. Superbed idea rocks.BTW

  2. oh man- i seriously laughed out loud when i read this. as a tall lady i frequently describe the feeling of sleeping in a bed that fits as 'luxurious'. superbed sounds pretty rad… you'll fit in every direction!

  3. I'd compare the SuperBed to the first time I laid eyes on Dad's heavy duty Saints jacket. As soon as I saw it I said, "I don't think we can't buy that." Now that I've had a day to think about the Superbed, I feel the same way about trying it.

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