Smart Car Test Drive

We all know what a Smart Car is; one of those tin foreign cars that only dirty hippies drive. But why do dirty hippies drive it? Because in the city of San Francisco, parking is scarce and often hard to find. I’ve driven a truck for the last 5 years but I’ve been fortunate enough to live in a part of the city where I not only have ample parking I also have the luxury of a garage.

But those days may be fast coming to an end. My MBA program comes to a close at the end of May and I may be moving. Hopefully to somewhere further downtown or in a more central area for “fun” than I live now. Those areas tend to lack decent parking especially for a truck that is 17′ in length. And to make matters worse, while we do have decent transit in SF it can be very unreliable. At best, it runs at 70% efficiency. This brings us back to our dirty hippie mobile, powered by AA batteries and the tears of Republicans: the Smart Car.

But can a tall guy fit into a car that is made to be tiny?

I think they must design the interior to fit mandatory minimums for safety because much to my surprise, I was able to fit inside the smart car with relative ease. I put the seat all the way to the back and reclined the seat just a little bit. I’m used to being in tight spots and having the roof of cards scrap my head, but much to my surprise the smart car roof was far enough away to give me the right amount of comfort to drive. I didn’t even need to put the top down to drive around.

I know everyone was expecting a more ridiculous post, like me folding myself in or something like that but alas this isn’t true. It’s really no worse than an airline seat.

I cleared, but just barely. Had to tuck my leg under the steering wheel to get in, but that’s no different than the Honda Accord I used to own.

Long story short: Would I drive a Smart Car as a tall person to run errands or get around the city? Yes. Would I recommend it for long drives down the 101. No. Hell no. Hell fricken no. I don’t even think the thing has cup holders. And as much as I can tolerate the dash being maybe an inch from my knee, I couldn’t do it if I had to drive around in it forever.

Other than that, not a bad little car…

Sam, the sales guy. Very cool. Ask for him if you’re shopping at the SF Smart Car Dealership.

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