Tall Movie Review: Julie and Julia

As you remember, my last tall movie review was of As We Go, which focused on the fact that there was a tall actor, John Krasinski (6′ 3″), in it. This time, we focus on an actress (Meryll Streep at 5’6″) and the really tall person she is portraying, Julia Child (6’2″).

I finally got a chance to watch it on my return 16 hour flight from Dubai, I flight I will not write about cause a) i think I write about flying enough and b) I want to put that 16 hours in coach behind me. (Nothing against Emirates Air, because their service is wonderful but that long in coach for me is like an adult sitting in a preschool chair for 2 full work days)

That said, I was delighted that Emirates had a lot of video choices to choose from, one of which was Julie and Julia. I have fond cursory memories of Julia Child from my childhood when I used to catch glimpses of her on TV. It’s funny kind of funny to me how I never really noticed her height. It’s probably because of my own families size. It wasn’t really till an interview on NPR’s fresh air with Terry Gross that I knew how tall Julia Child really was.

Rock those Frenchies Julia Child!

This was truly on of those movies that not just had tall actors in it, but addressed some primary issues for tall people. I’m speaking of the scenes where Jane Lynch (6’0″), playing Julia Child’s sister, had frank discussions about husbands and relationships at the dinner table. All were things I knew (dating mostly), but I think nice to see in the movie. It’s something that could have been ignored and just made to be a eyebrow raising moment when the two sisters meet or when Stanley Tucci (5’8″), playing the part of Julia Child’s loving husband Paul, says in response to Julia’s worry that they might have missed her at the train station, “oh, I don’t think anyone could miss your sister.” (Dorothy, who was 6′-something. I can’t find a hard number. )

Not to say that there weren’t moments with eye brow raising, where when Julia Child would stand up from a seated position and you’d see that very familiar “sweet Jesus” look on someones face. That of course swiftly followed with the person falling in love with her because, well, for Godsake it’s Julia Child. And watching Ms. Streep it was as if we were looking through a window into the past and basking in the glow of one of tall peoples most radiant stars.

Julia Child (1912 – 2004)

Thank you Julia Child for being amazing and leading such an inspiring life. And thank you Meryl Streep for giving us that chance to touch Julia Child so personally once again.

PS: why write Julia Child every time I’m talking about Julia Child? Again, it’s Julia Child for gods sake! How could I not?


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