Superbed: Moms Response

Also the return of my awesome Photoshop skills

You know how you worry about adding your Mom to your Facebook account and that she might see all that crazy stuff you can find at This story isn’t as bad as that, but it’s more proof that doing social media means your family gets even MORE involved in your life.

Take for instance, my post about the “super bed”.

My mom is a wonderful woman who worries and cares deeply about her kids making good decisions. This lead her to shoot me the following email after reading that post:

Hi Darcy,
I tried to send a response to your request on the Tall Blog for comments on the super bed question, but it wouldn’t process. So, here is what I have to contribute. The super bed idea is clever (as your ideas usually are). What I wonder about is with the size it would be would there be any space left in the room? I thought the reason you didn’t get a bigger bed when you bought the double was the space issue. Also, using fitted sheets would not be an option, so you’d probably have a couple flat sheets made (you could use my machine to do it). Tucking the bottom sheet in instead of using a fitted sheet worked for years before the invention of the fitted and people got along fine. The last thought I had was maybe a queen sized bed would work. It is longer and wider than a double, but not as big as a CA King, therefore it wouldn’t fill up the whole room.
Anyway, those are my thoughts.
Love, Mom

And then my response:

Hi Mom,
I love it when you take what I write seriously.

I already measured and a Cal. King wouldn’t take up my whole room. In fact, it wouldn’t be much more than what my bed with the wooden extension takes up. The post is just a flight of fancy and for my readers. If I do it any time soon, it’ll be a Cal King regardless of “voting”.


Of Mom. You’re so pretty Sometimes I want to pet your face. Sorry if there was anyone out there that thought I’d actually do the super bed. That’s just crazy talk. I’d never do something that ridiculous. (click here to see a video of me doing something crazy/ridiculous) This email exchange led her to send me the following email:

1. Since you are so close to graduation and had talked about moving after graduation wouldn’t it make more sense to upgrade after you move?
2. Since your bed has the extension so length isn’t a problem can’t you just suffer through the nights when you aren’t the only one in that bed a little while longer?

3. Since the bed you have now cost a $1000 does that mean a bigger bed will cost a bunch more than a $1000?

Much eye rolling ensued till I realized, like many a Mom frequently is, she hit the biggest nail on the head… hard…

1. Since you are so close to graduation and had talked about moving after graduation wouldn’t it make more sense to upgrade after you move?

Thanks Mom. You’re right. I will be moving in the next fee months to lord knows where for work when I’m done with school. And I’m not interested in chain sawing a new bed in half just to get it into whatever apartment I end up in…. Or am I?

PS ❀ u Mom


5 thoughts on “Superbed: Moms Response

  1. lmao — Mums are the best.Thought of your Superbed this week as the new hubby and I were given a weekend at the Hilton as a gift. OMG the fluffy King size beds. I want one, soooo bad. And the house to fit it in!!

  2. "You're so pretty Sometimes I want to pet your face." <—made me laugh out loud. My mom is so similar, this post totally made my day.

  3. My Mom called me not long after posting. After talking and getting her to read the WHOLE thing she was pretty entertained. Oh vanity, thy name is Mom. πŸ™‚

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