My brother, the baby

Does a tall baby equal a tall person? I don’t know how often you’ve thought about it but it has come up from time to time. And today being my older brothers birthday I thought I’d give a go at writing about it.

Shay’s document, proving that he is in fact a real person.

As you can see from image above, when Shay was born he was 22 1/2″ long. That’s pretty tall/long for a baby. According to what I can find he was just barely over the tale end of the average height of a baby. This means he fell outside the standard 5% to 95% that most baby everything that normal babies would use. I wonder if this meant as he got older as a toddler if he was crushing other children with his MIGHTY FISTS…… or something like that. So I asked my Mom and Dad for stories.

Unfortunately, all my Mom could tell me is that he was a “beautiful baby”. My Dad though says he remembered looking in the nursery at the hospital and thinking that all the other babies looked half as big as him. Which means he looked like this giant baby from the UK.

Which is funny cause I just found that supposedly sells tall baby stuff or links you to it. So all you tall baby mama’s and papa’s out there, there, I helped you. Be fruitful and multiply.

Happy Birthday Shay!

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