Vegas baby

Oh Jesus. Grad school as a whole has been fun in so many ways. But what I’m about to discuss is one part of what is probably my last Spring break. (…till I start teaching college.)

If you’ve been following my Facebook you’ve seen all the most tall moments from my trip to Vegas a week ago. The plane that was too small, the giant fuzzy Vegas gambling chip and taking a photo with the guy that plays the King of Ireland in Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur hotel/casino. What tops it all as the proverbial cherry on top of the whole weekend is when I got to meet Penn Jillete (6’7″) of Penn Teller.

How did this happen you ask? Apparently, Penn and Teller stand outside in the lobby after every show to shake hands, take photos and in general say “hi” to the audience. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s always pretty incredible when world renowned performers who do a show twice daily will intentionally take time out to shake hands/sign autographs/and take photos with any interested audience member is a tribute to what little I know of their values and to showmanship as a profession.

All this alone makes them amazingly cool.

The funniest part to me is that I always thought that Teller was a pretty small guy. I mean, I knew that Penn was pretty tall but what I never realized is that Teller is actually not 5’5″ or shorter. He’s 5’9″!!! Maybe that’s weird but it’s amusing as hell to me. S

But for me what’s makes it cool for me (and legally acceptable) is that I didn’t know they were going to be doing this after the show for the umpteenth time. After we took the photo I told him I really wanted the photo for my blog about being tall. He said,”Write about this.”

So in honor of Mr. Jillete I dedicate this blog post and subsequent stalking of tall celebrities that I now intend to do for my new Facebook photo gallery of me and tall celebrities to Penn Jillete: Master magician, amazing performer and instigator of what might result in several lawsuits.

(you see that. I just performed a word illusion. Boo yah)


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