I ride big wheels

Easter is such a special time. Families get together for Easter egg hunts. Churches fill with the pious to celebrate the rise of their lord. And crazies flock to Potrero Hill to ride big wheels down one of the curviest streets in the world.

No, that’s not Lombard Street.

Now some of you have already heard of this event through other channels, such as CNN and ESPN, but what they didn’t mention is that I, along with 5 other people, (and a group of about 20 volunteers, our first time with any) put on this shit show with no sponsors and no fees. It’s one of those truly awesome events that makes me proud when someone says, “only in San Francisco”.

The unfortunate part of all this is that I didn’t take any pictures of on my big wheel. I know, I know. You wanted to see me in all my tall glory riding down Vermont street on my barbie big wheel, narrowly avoiding the horrible drivers who kept spinning out in the rain. (oh yes. There was rain. An insane amount of rain.) But I’m so busy running around the day of the event with my fellow oganizers to make sure everything is going smoothly for everyone else that I only got a chance to ride once. And while there is a ton of photos and footage out there, because I dress so normally I can’t seem to find myself. I may just Have to settle for this one amazing shot from BYOBW 7 back when we were on Lombard and only Jon Brumit, race founder, was running the show.

One of my best friends Jonathan and I. I’m snow version Luigi, he’s Amish Mario.
*Borrowed from Laughing Squid.com

So if you happen to come across me in your searching through photos on Flickr or videos on YouTube, let me know. I’m the tall white guy in the grey sweatshirt wearing a yellow vest to indicate I’m one of the ring leader idiots.

And if your wondering why i didn’t write about this earlier, say before the event, it’s because we were trying to keep the numbers lower this year. Didn’t really help as over 500 racers showed up.


Also, in case you were wondering, I’m filtering through famous names as we speak as to who to staaaa…. interview. I should have something together on that later next week.


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