The problem with parenting

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted guys. I wrote this a few weeks ago, but was waiting for the right photos from my Dad.

Gulf of Mexico, circa 1980-something, My mom, me and my older brother

It’s a funny observation, but I feel like most parents don’t realize that what they really are is teachers. It’s something I feel like my mother grasped very well and has spent many years cultivating is the fact that she is a teacher.

When she speaks to my niece, she spends a lot of time explaining to her why she has set a rule or why she cannot do something. And she works very hard to get into the mind of the child so that she understands what kind of person she is working with. I remember distinctively when she told me the adage that kids don’t understand the concept of sharing. What they do understand is taking turns. Kids are often told, “you need to share that” or some other vague concept by the outside world but often times by parents they are told to “share”. Sharing is a very vague concept to a five years old.

Just this past weekend on my flight to Texas, a little kid started to play a video loudly on their DVD device thing. His mother told the kid several times to turn down the volume. He didn’t. Eventually she asked him to put on his headphones or turn down the volume. He still didn’t. Finally, he heeded her request but with a relatively frumpy face and little understanding of why he had to do so.

Mardi Gras, circa 1980-something, my older brother is the photographer (8?)

This is just one story about something I witness often. And since Mothers Day was yesterday (editors note: it was when I wrote this) I wanted to take a moment thank my Mom for doing such great job raising me to be the kind of person who seeks to understand, question my own actions in terms of how they effect the world around me and for continually imparting that knowledge on to my niece and every child she has been around as far back as I can remember.

What does this have to do with being tall? I’d don’t know. My Mom is 6′-0″ tall an she’s my Mom. Plus it’s my blog so if I want to write about my Mom, I’ll write about my Mom. Whatever! Shut up! You’re a Mamas boy!

Happy belated Mother’s Day Mom!! And to all the other tall mothers out there for all the great parenting you give to children who could some day grow up to destroy Tokyo/fight Godzilla bare handed.

I’d like to say I’ve stopped making faces in photos…. but I haven’t.
Thanks for trying to teach me not to all these years Mom!

Until next time. Which I’m planning on being more frequent as I do my job search since I just graduated from the MBA program, if you follow my Facebook fan page at all.

Thanks for reading!


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