Attending the Tall Convention

If you missed the FB post last week, then you might bit know that this weekend I’m heading to the Tall Convention happening down in my hometown of New Orleans.

I fully expect to feel completely inadequate and normal. It’ll be like the last time I was in Holland, where “signature gathers” looking for Dutch voters would walk up to me and ask me to sign something. In Dutch. To which I would respond with a simple face pet.*

I fully expect to get in some fun dancing with women appropriately sized for me. I’m wondering though if these vertically endowed ladies will do what their tinier counter parts do, which is force me to constantly pick them up. Fortunately, I’ve been exercising so hopefully if it occurs I will be able to handle it.

I look forward to meeting what I hope is my numerous readers in New Orleans! I also look forward to all of you saying “I thought you’d be taller.” It will be the first time in my life.

See you all soon!

*ok, the face petting didn’t happen, but the rest is true


2 thoughts on “Attending the Tall Convention

  1. This is interesting and well written. I can't wait to hearhow the dancing with appropriatly tall women goes! Keep us posted

  2. … dang! I missed out on the dancing! I can't promise to be less busy next time, but I do hope that wasn't my only opportunity!

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