I might be the tallest person in Canada

I also may be exaggerating just a tad, although up until about 9:30 pm on Saturday, July 17 I was beginning to wonder if I was the tallest person in at least British Columbia. I’d been in Vancouver, BC since Friday morning and I had yet to see someone, anyone, taller than my stature of 6’4”. I finally found ‘him’ in a Save On Food’s store where I had gone to purchase some candy (late night, sweet tooth craving).

Now, I’m usually pretty suave about the whole rubber-necking thing but I’m here to tell you that I stared. I may have even done the open-mouth stare. I was so darn excited to see someone taller than me. In the United States I see tall people all the time. In fact, I’m starting to consider it common so it was quite the shock to go sight-seeing and literally, feel like Paul Bunyan. Or Andre’ the Giant. Or whomever you equate a large person. I was stared at, commented upon, and had I been somewhat open to it with my non-verbal body communication I probably would’ve been approached but I was keeping a tight lid on this adventure. I have a history of allowing people to talk to me and then I can’t get away. Perhaps at some later point I’ll share some more of my adventures.

Anyway, the point of my entire story is really to find out where all of the Tall People of Canada are hiding? I’m confused because I know you are out there. Show yourself!!


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