Minister of Tall

I’ve recently started to attend the Golden Gate Toast Masters meetings in San Francisco as a way of keeping up on my public speaking chops. I’ve done quite a bit of it in the MBA program, but much like an NBA player that can stay pretty good even after they leave the sport, I felt I should do something that will keep me on that treadmill of being able to present. Plus, it affords me a wonderful opportunity to network with other business professionals.

Last Wednesday was exceptionally cool and very tall related. Each meeting of the Toast Masters involves a section called Table Topics. It’s a section where members, and sometimes guests, are called upon to speak for 2 minutes about a random topic decided on by the Table Topics Master/Guru/Ninja.

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That particular week was all about fictitious government agencies. The Table Topics Master went through agencies such as the Ministry of Seldom Used Kitchen Appliances, Minister of Offense (as opposed to Defense) and the one my friend Chris had to speak on as Minister of the End of Days. Twenty Twelve IS fast approaching.

I was given the topic that pertains to this post as the Minister of Tall. I had said, as I introduced myself at the beginning of the meeting like all the other guests with the fun fact that I write this blog. And then, I proceeded to entertain the masses.

For a solid minute and a half I spoke on how furniture would be adjusted by our ministry to fit tall people. Vehicle specifications would be changed to allow for tall people’s knees to not hit the dashboard no matter how much leg room is supposedly available. And the piece-de-resistance was where I said I would form a tall army, which would require a midget army, so that people could see that we are a very tall, for-to-be-reckoned-with army.

This apparently entertained everyone so much I won the coveted “Best Table Topics” ribbon you see below. Oh it’s good to be king…. for a week.

Thanks guys! See you tonight!

For more information on Toast Master International, check out this link and find one in your area!


One thought on “Minister of Tall

  1. I enjoy your blog! As the official “Minister of Tall” you might be interested in knowing that there is, in fact, real life furniture (specifically mattresses and bedding) to suit your Ministry’s needs! We make 8ft long x standard width mattresses/foundations and all the sheets, blankets, etc. to go with. (That’s 20″ longer than an eastern king, 24″ longer than a cal-king.) If you’re curious, check out the LengthLogic website. Have a great day!

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