Tall Stride

I’ve come to a realization: my stride is insane.

people walking

That may sound obvious coming from someone that is 6’7″ tall, but honestly I think I can speak for most tall people when I say that we don’t really think about our height till it presents itself in some way. For most people it stems from looking around and saying, “Wow! I never really thought I was this short/ethnicity/fay/a puma till!”

Darcy's foot on a table

Standard table height is 29". That's right, my legs are that long.

Most of the time for us, it’s either someone telling us something that relates to our height or some other outside force causing us to think about it. This could be anything from trying on clothes, avoiding knocking ourselves unconscious on door ways or little old Chinese women yelling at us.

But there was something new I noticed while recently about my stride that I really hadn’t thought about much in the past: I tend to walk behind people so I don’t “out run them”.

You're doing it wrongIt’s pretty funny actually. If I’m in a large enough group I position myself towards the back to use them as a kind of breaking system so that I don’t end up a quarter mile ahead, looking over people to see if I can find my group.

Anyone else have this problem?


3 thoughts on “Tall Stride

  1. YES! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had to keep up with tall people all my life or what, but I have a very long stride and I walk fast so I tend to get way ahead of people when I’m walking in a group. I also tend to get absorbed in my own little world so that could be part of the problem as well…..

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