TALL = Dad is speaking to you

It’s Monday which means it must be Darcy’s turn to write!

An interesting conversation occurred between myself and my friend Brian and Chris recently. We were having a discussion about presentation and performance in how it pertains to our search for full time gainful employment. We are all currently “on the hunt” and have been meeting daily to join our collective energies in our search.

We got around to this discussion after we decided that it was important to offer each other feedback no just on things like resumes and cover letters, but we also on how people perceive in an interview setting. For Brian it was a question of an over abundance of energy. For Chris, it was at times almost too little energy. For me there is one example that stands out: apparently, I’m already at a disadvantage because I’m so tall that it makes people think they are speaking to their fathers.

That might seem like a bit of a stretch but the logic seems sound. The idea is that the very fact that most people have to look up at me when they talk all ready puts me in a very dominant position. In film, when a camera is pointed up at something it empowers whatever is being shot with that dominance. The same, as the guys purport, is true for me because of my height. And who is one of the most dominant figures that people had to speak/answer to as a child? Their fathers.

Take a look at this photo of my friend Brian (5′-8″). This is taken from my point of view standing up.

Me looking down at Brian

My view of Brian in our conversation.

Now, take a look at it from Brians perspective.

Brian looking up at me

Brian looking up at me

Do you feel like your Dad is talking to you when you see this? You do, don’t you?

Brian told me one of his friends who has the added issue of not only being very tall but also being built, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Like Godzilla in a nice suit. He’s gotta be super nice and humble so people realize he’s the Godzilla here to save Tokyo, not destroy it.”**

And that’s not to say that Holli and other tall ladies might not have the issue as being seen as a mother, but I’m not a woman so being “dad” is the mantle I’m stuck with.

Long story short…. what do you think?

Briand and me Master

Brian is 5'-8" (average) and I'm 6'-7" (average+)

**This line is fabricated, but the story is true.

One thought on “TALL = Dad is speaking to you

  1. What I get told is that I intimidate some people, especially short men. Lost a job interview once because I wore heels to an interview with a Napoleon-complex dude — but I wouldn’t want to work with that kind of person anyway, so big loss šŸ™‚

    More frequently, however, the feedback is positive: that I seem professional and adult. I know it’s partly because of my height because, well, I’ve been winning jobs with this schtick since I was 15.

    I would absolutely not worry about seeming “Dad-like”: your height and your apparent “age” make you a more likely candidate for taking charge, working independently, heading projects. At least it’s always worked for me.

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