The Top 9

Remember a couple of years ago before all of the popular social-networking sites detailed your every move, when one of the fun things to do was to send out mass e-mails to all of your friends with lists of questions? What are you wearing right now? What did you eat for breakfast? Who was your first boyfriend? What color of socks do you have on right now? Who was your first kiss? Weren’t these fun? I’ve got scores of these that I’ve saved because, well quite frankly, I think that my comments are really funny but what I’d like to do today is write about some of my Top Memories as a TALL Person. I’ll keep my list to 9 today. I have more than 9 but in the essence of space (and keeping you in suspense) I’ll save the rest for another time.
1.  Growing up in a family of TALL sisters. My sisters are my best friends and we are all blessed by being 6’0” or taller. You can’t help but notice us when we walk anywhere together. Throw in a couple of 5’11” first cousins (both female) and we are TALL group of walking estrogen.

I don't look so TALL next to 3 other 6-footers, do I?

2.  When I was attending the University of Northern IA, I once had a really short guy come up to me and ask, ‘How’s the weather up there?’ I’d had a couple of drinks and being 19 years old at the time, I had a pretty bad attitude as well…I turned around, spit on the guy, and said, ‘It’s raining’. He was not happy with me but boy did I have a story for my friends!

3) Making it to Nationals for Basketball in college in 1993. We placed 7th in the Nation (I won’t tell you out of how many) but the trip was amazing. It was my first time flying, I traveled with 13 of my good friends, and this was back when I was young enough to do stupid-crazy-fun things. Oh the stories….

That's me in the back, right in the middle. The hair!

4.  Lying. Okay, take this one with a grain of salt. Back when I was a little younger people inevitability asked me if I played basketball. I always said yes and I always said that I played at a big name school. For the record, I played at a very small school (see above) and only for 2 years. This was the most fun when my youngest sister was with me and we would tag-team because we’d make up stories about the practices, the coaches, the last close game and not one time was I questioned. You can do that. But only when you’re 6’4”. And especially when you are with your sister who is 6’2”.

5.  Halloween always rocks! No matter what, my Halloween costumes are always

You can't ignore this Halloween costume.

awesome!  I’m so tall that it doesn’t matter what costume I wear, I’m going to get noticed. It can be a wonderful thing and a curse. Now occasionally it can work against me if I’m wearing something that hides my gender because the height can make it seem that I’m male, but that can actually be part of the fun too. Seriously, try to ignore the picture on the right…doesn’t work, does it?

6.  Being in a TALL club. That’s right, there are clubs out there intended for men over 6’2” and women over 5’10”. The club is a social club so the intent is that you meet friends however it also supports several charities as well. I’m in a club in Portland, OR and I’ve met some pretty amazing people. There are about 60 clubs all over the US with sister clubs all over Europe and Australia. I joined when I moved from Denver, CO to Portland, OR because I wanted to find a way to meet people. Bang! I met a great bunch of people. This social club is a wonderful network to get you started and makes you some wonderful friends for life. (

7.  Automatic shotgun. I always get the front seat wherever I go. Unless, I’m with someone taller than me, or my dad (who is 6’6”). Otherwise I’m riding shotgun and I like it.

8.  Wearing ‘real-people’ pants and passing them off as crop pants. True story. I had a roommate in college that was 5’3” and we wore the same size. One night I was unable to find anything that I felt was appropriate to wear to a party and I had a meltdown of sorts. In her sweet way she offered up anything in her closet. I jokingly put on a pair of her jeans and they fit me exactly as pair of the now popular crop pants. I liked the look, found a sweater of hers that I also liked and I wore the entire ensemble to the party. I was clearly way ahead of my time, but you can see how my height benefited me and I realized that I was no longer boxed in by my inseam. From that day on, I wore short jeans with pride. (I like to think I started the trend however I’m not completely delusional)

9.  Becoming Miss Tall International®. Being in a tall club has its perks and I was lucky

At the Portland Skyliner Christmas party.

enough to be chosen as Miss Tall Portland in March of 2009.  I then went on to represent my club at the annual Tall Clubs International Convention in Las Vegas in June 2009. I won the Miss Tall International crown which I kept for a year. This was so special to me because I was able to travel to many of the Tall Clubs all over the US and meet many wonderful people. What a great experience for me. And hey, how often do you get to wear a crown and sash in your mid-thirties….who doesn’t want that?


3 thoughts on “The Top 9

  1. You go girl! Keep being tall and keep being awesome!

    I’ve been taller than most people most of my life and am now finally trying to hunch less and I enjoy seeing things most people can’t or don’t (like the cute guy down a couple of aisles or some guy’s funny bald spot.)

    Rock on!

  2. I loved your list, but I have to add one more which is being able to reach all of the items on the shelves at the grocery store. After being 6′ tall for so many years this ability could easily be taken for granted except I periodically come upon a short person unsuccessfully stretching for an item. The person is very happy to have my help and afterwards I walk away again feeling lucky to be tall.

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