I Take Pictures With Short People

I never turn down a photo opportunity particularly when it’s with a person shorter than me. Now I know that may sound a little odd (that’s me!) but let me explain. These photos ALWAYS turn out great. Even if you look horrible, the picture itself is usually priceless. For example, when I was in New Orleans for Tall Clubs International Convention this past June I took this picture with the bartender at Johnny White’s.

Lil' Lucy and me.

Johnny White’s became famous during Hurricane Katrina for being the only bar in New Orleans to remain open during the chaos of the Hurricane. Here’s another interesting tid-bit about this bar, well about the bartender. I attended a Mardi Gras back in 2001 or 2002 and a close friend of mine and I came to this bar during the day for something to wet our whistles. This particular bartender was working here! I remember her because of her crazy, sarcastic attitude. It was awesome. Just like our picture.

Fun with shorties in Ireland!

Here’s a picture from my trip to Ireland that I think is just hilarious. In order to understand the hilarity behind the photo, I must point out a few things that happened while taking this picture. The man in the back is standing on a crate. He brought it from the back because the other chaps in the pub were giving him a hard time for being ‘short’. The woman directly in front of me is a little person. She is also standing on a crate that she uses in the front because she works at this pub as a bartender. The other woman in the picture is my best friend from Iowa, Molli. She’s only 5’3” so when we are together it’s Mutt and Jeff. But seriously, isn’t this a fantastic photo!!

I’ve noticed that both of my photos have been taken behind a bar so in order for you not to get the wrong idea, let’s switch this up. I have another really geeky photo from Ireland that I’m going to include because it truly shows the difference in height between Molli and me. She barely comes up to my shoulders but again, the picture is awesome in its badness.

Horrible picture, but you get the joke.

My next picture is taken with a friend of a friend so I don’t recall his name but he was definitely the shortest guy in our birthday party group.  Now he wanted his picture taken with me so of course I took the picture, but I had a little fun with it too.  I’m standing behind him but I’m not standing on anything.  This is a true depiction of both our heights.  I think he enjoyed the picture. I know I did and I hope you are too.  See, isn’t this fun?  (Notice the Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt in the background…Go HAWKS!)

Stranger Danger!

That’s probably enough for now.  I love taking pictures like this because there is a story behind every one.  I have many more and I’m sure that those of you who have experienced the tug on the shirt and the exclamation of: “Wow, you are so tall.  Can I have a picture with you?”You probably have some of these pictures as well.  Unless you aren’t like me and take your own pictures too.

Man…I LOVE being tall.  The things that we can get away with…


One thought on “I Take Pictures With Short People

  1. Holli-love the blog. It must be our lot in life to stand out. Keep up the excellent tall work!

    Paul that tall dude from the Tall Club of Milwaukee.

    P.S. Damn Tall Dave says hi.

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