If found unconscious, please call….

smashing studio apartment

You may not realize this, but a number of apartment buildings in San Francisco do not have regulation anything in terms of building code. It’s true! I know. I know. I couldn’t believe it either for a city this old but it’s a fact. Recently, this fact had re-revealed itself to me in the studio apartment I’m subletting from a friend.

As you can see from the above photo of me smashing it, the place is on the small side. I moved out of my house in the Sunset and as I look for a suitable place to live, which will be determined by where I find full time employ, a friend said I could sublet her studio for the month of September. It’s a fine little place. Just the right size to keep some stuff but not to spend all day hanging out in. And there are only a few minor dangers that come with living there. What are they you ask? Well let me show you, Internet friends! And fortunately, they’re all in the bathroom! SCORE!

1) Doorway to bathroom

bathroom doorway

bathroom perspectiveAs you can see, the doorway is hardly regulation. It cuts off the top half of my face, meaning it’s closer to 6′-6″ at best. Here’s a view of the adjacent door that is much closer to regulation to give you an idea.

2) The Shower

bathroom stall

The one at my old place was similar in terms of having to duck to get inside. My real problem with it is that it’s white, meaning it tends to disappear against the rest of the whiteness in the space.


That's right, I Google unconcsious. At least it's a better title than "FREUD!"

But thankfully, this means I have started to track the times I get hit in the head. That’s right, I’ve decided to use my ample spreadsheet skills to track my head injuries. Hopefully this will help posterity in terms of determining the true cause of my death. Or maybe, it’ll just be fun for everyone to see how often I hit my head. Either way, the link to the ever updating page is here. Enjoy!


One thought on “If found unconscious, please call….

  1. Had a similar experience in Wales. Walking around a castle with a hat on is not a good idea. Stone doorframe was not my friend. Had to turn my hat around for the rest of the tour.

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