Hot Asian Girl Update

In reviewing the blog posts from the past year I noticed that it has been nearly 10 months since I talked about one of my favorite topics in the world: tall hot Asian girls. How has this been allowed to happen? Is it because I haven’t been keeping up with the lovely leggy ladies of the East? No no no. Silly you. I just haven’t written about them because shut up.

That all said, here is an update on some of my favorite tall Asian beauties:

Michelle Wie
I’ve been following Ms. Wie’s Facebook fan page like a cat watches a can opener. Which is why I’m so shocked that I missed this commercial that she recently did for Kia. It plays on the golf channel (really….. an entire channel….. just for golf….?) and while not the hottest thing I’ve seen her in, it satisfies a need for a little Michelle.

Grace Park aka Boomer aka Athena aka my nerd girl dream
Oh Grace. How I’ve missed seeing you on a show I could tolerate watching. If you follow Grace’s career at all then you know she was on the confusingly titled show “The Cleaner” with Benjamin Brat. Never watched it, never really wanted to. But now, that’s to God, Allah, Jehovah, Bob, and what ever other multi-armed deity you might pray to the universe has seen fit to put her on “Hawaii Five-O”. The marketing idiots at the network haven’t really banked on the fact that she’s in the show at all, but thankfully the Internet runneth over with paparazzi photos of her on the beach in a bikini.


All right. I’m in New Orleans for another few days so I’m going to keep it this short but check back tomorrow cause I just read what the ladies have planned the next few days. Per usual, amazing work.

See you all back on the West Coast!… I mean, if you’ll be there when I get there…. errr…. 🙂

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