Costume suggestions for the vertically inclined

It’s October, that means it’s time to kick off the Halloween posts!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

The other day a friend of mine made the suggestion that for Halloween I should dress up as Godzilla and chase around the international students, which at my graduate program was made up primarily of foreigners of the Asian variety.

godzillas-biggest-fanNow, I’m not bothered by this in the slightest. In fact if I was still dating the last person I was with (Vietnamese) I would totally do this and ask her to put on thick rimmed glasses and carry around a camera with an extra long lens. If we’re going to stereotype, let’s just go all the way, shall we?

This suggestion though got me to thinking. What else would be great options for tall people to go as for Halloween if we were to truly play the tall to the hilt? Last year, I went as NPH from Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo. I even made a stamp so I could “brand” people.

NPH and me

You see the similarities, right?... RIGHT?!?!?

This year I thought it might be better to go with something a little less obscure. Here’s a few ideas that came about:

#1: Frankenstein


Go Boris, go!

Classic, as always. And obvious. Plus, if anyone lit up a cigarette I could slap it away screaming “FIRE!!! BAAAADDDD!!!!”

#2: Giant Man from the Avengers

Giant Man Avengers Cover

I know. I know. Probably still too obscure. But not to my friend Hot Nerd Girl. And not to every other comic book geek/nerd out there. (Hi Harry, DR, and Jamison!) Plus, I do love explaining my costumes. Great conversation started when people don’t know exactly who you are.

#3: Kareem Abdul Jabar


Some of you might say, how can I dress up as Kareem Abdul Jabar if I’m white. And those people I say, “Doesn’t that make you kind of a racist?” 🙂

#4: Master Blaster from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

master blaster

If money were no object you have no idea how quickly I would buy the used version of this costume or create my own. There would be a doll that sits on top of me that when you pull the string it says “I run Bartertown!”

#5: Women from Planet Amazonia on Futurama

Sorry ladies, I’m the guy writer on this blog and quite possibly Holli or Anne can make better a suggestion. But seriously, think about it? When will you have a better chance to carry around a club and beat down stupid men?

If you got any other suggestions please leave them in the comment section here or on Facebook!

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