Aloha TALL Friends

Here I am in Maui, Hawaii on vacation and of course even when I’m on vacation, I still have things to say.  I love to travel and do so at every opportunity I get.  A few things come instantly to mind when I hear the word Travel:  shopping, annoying people, uncomfortable seating, sight-seeing, good food, bad food, relaxing, photos, walking, and great times.

So far I’ve encountered all of these things (and I’ve only been here 2 days) and I’d like to highlight a few.

Shopping–I went into several touristy stores looking for cute shirts or something for my nieces, you know, I have money to burn.  I found nothing except for string bikinis, surf boards, clothes that would not cover anything on me or my nieces (all of whom are very tall) and I have to say that I was very disappointed.  What happened to all of the good tourist shopping?  It’s all crap now.

Annoying People–I’ll hold my tongue on this one as much as possible but I’ll tell you a little story.  Imagine that you are on a plane.  You might be taller than average and your seat is uncomfortable.  You’ve been there 5 hours and although you have seats by a window…there is no window at your row because of where it is situated.  Now imagine there is a woman approximately 55 years in age in the window seat in front of you exclaiming that she, “See’s the ocean!”  Now she: “Sees a bird”.  Then she: “Sees a cloud!”  And this goes on for an hour and a half at a decibel level just short of screaming.  How are you feeling about this woman?

Photos–I love taking pictures especially with locals and short people.  I was really hoping to have some short-people pictures to share with you today, but I haven’t seen too many.  The people in Maui so far have been fairly average to tall.  I won’t stop looking and maybe next week there will be more to share.

Sight-Seeing–The sights are beautiful here particularly the beaches and I love taking pictures of everything.  I mean everything…

I’ve got more memories and friends to make and there’s good food and probably some more bad food in my future.  Mahalo for sharing my thoughts and we’ll see you next week!

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