Bed Issue Solutions

Sofa Bed
Long time readers of the blog will remember one of my first posts/videos from last summer about my super magic extendo-bed. I was the proud owner of a full size bed that I added a wooden bench with padding to in order to make it a seven foot long bed for giants.

Recently, the lack of attaining new full time gainful employ and to save money I gave up my lease. I also did the logical thing of tossing out or selling much of my furniture in the hope that some day I will be able to afford “adult furniture”, i.e. stuff that matches and is not made of wood/padding. Along those guidelines the bed AND the bench both met their maker at the city dump.

For the last two months I have been couch surfing, which is not easy for someone that is six foot seven. Many of my friends own love seats, have time fold out beds, or very uncomfortable floors. Even my parents have beds that are too small, which has me attempting to sleep at an angle on beds which is more difficult to maintain than one would think.

Feet off end of the bed

All this lead me to wonder, how do the rest of you super talls solve your bed problems? California Kings are only sold in California, Arizona and New Mexico. So what do the rest of your crazies do when you want to maintain circulation while sleeping form the knees down. After sleeping on my friends love seat/couch/torture device I stopped running because I’d wake up not really feeling the lower half of my legs.

So please, leave us some comments and enlighten the rest of the world as to how you solve your bed issues!


3 thoughts on “Bed Issue Solutions

  1. You stopped running? I’m sorry but that’s no excuse. I’ve been sleeping in a bed where I have to hang my legs over for at least 35 years and that hasn’t stopped me from exercising. Actually, when you have the problems you indicated, you need the exercise even more. And I sure wish I had known you were “dumping” your mattress–we could have used it here. As I recall, it was a very good mattress. And, as you know, we tend to like Rube Goldberg type furniture.

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